President’s Message

Dear all,

I am honoured to have been elected as chairman of the Malta Association of Medical Physicists, from December 2018.

Back in 2008, when the association was first established, MAMP had four medical physicists. Over the past decade, MAMP members have strived to shape the association to what it is today and played a pivotal role to increase the number of registered Medical Physicists in Malta, in line with the most recent EU directive 2013/59. Today we are more than three times the number, with more than half of us becoming Medical Physics Experts. But why is MAMP so important for the Medical Physics profession in Malta?

Having MAMP is essential to continue safeguarding the Medical Physics profession, provide support to its members working both privately and in the public sector, as well as serve as a platform in representing Medical Physicists on an international level. In doing so, MAMP ensures radiation safety to patients and members of staff, especially by contributing to a safety culture within our workplace as is currently being instilled within the local hospitals through the new Legal Notice 210 of 2018.

The Association is ready to undertake important changes. Since being elected and after careful planning, the newly elected committee has already developed an outreach committee. Its main aim is to promote the role of medical physicists within a clinical setting through educating other healthcare professionals how as a profession, medical physicists can provide guidance in radiation safety, dose optimisation and dosimetry.

MAMP is already a member of the association of Medical Physicistsin Europe – the European Federation of Organisations in Medical Physics (EFOMP). MAMP is also in the process of becoming affiliated to the International Organisation of Medical Physicists (IOMP). Such partnerships, will provide our members with opportunities to improve their professional expertise whilst contributing their experience on an International platform. MAMP has three members who are currently involved in committees related to European Affairs, Education and Training and Professionals Affairs within EFOMP and I hope this number continues to grow.

Whilst the executive committee is working hard to ensure that MAMP gets the recognition it deserves, I cannot stress enough the importance of participation of the members in various roles of our Association. During the next several weeks, our committee will be contacting you about events. I would like to strongly encourage all of you to participate and support the various events organised by MAMP. These will enrich your knowledge as medical physicists and MPEs and in turn benefit of our patients, members of staff and the general public.

To conclude, may I thank you for electing me as Chairman our association –I am truly humbled. Any organization is only as strong as its members. Together with the executive committee and all the members, lets overcome the challenges and bring in changes that we wish to see in MAMP.


Sam Agius,
President, Malta Association of Medical Physics